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How To Find New Clients Using Facebook Groups

The majority of Stylists choose Instagram as their main social media platform in order to market their business and attract new clients. Why? One of the main reasons seems to be the visual nature of the service, which serves as a portfolio for their work. But while they focus their time on creating stunning visuals and videos for Instagram they are actually missing out on a more effective social media tool to find new clients, and that's Facebook groups. Facebook groups are the perfect way for Stylists to actually find and connect with their target clients, and the great news is it's also free. If you're not already using groups to find new clients, then keep reading and I'll show you the most effective ways to do it.

1. Start your own group - The first way to use Facebook groups to connect with potential clients is to start your own group. If you have a Facebook page for your business already then you can connect the group to your business page. If you only have a personal profile then I highly recommend creating a professional profile page or business page to connect your group and to post. The name of your group needs to clearly identify what it's about and who it is for. Be specific so that your target clients can find you. If your target client is a new mom who needs help with her style post-pregnancy, then use a name such as 'post-partum style' or 'body confidence after baby'. Using a more generic name such as 'fashion and style' might get you more members, but it probably won't get you more clients.

Use your group to show potential clients your skills and expertise. Post blogs and videos, ask your members to post questions, and give them your expert advice. The group should be more about connecting with your members and developing a relationship, rather than pushing your services in every post. When you establish a connection with your group members then they are more likely to seek out your services. You can also offer paid live workshops through your group which is a great way to work with more people. Running a group can be a lot of work and it does require you to show up and post consistently, but it's a great way to reach the specific people you want to reach so it's worth the effort.

2. Join other groups - Another way to use Facebook groups to reach your target clients is to join the groups that they are in. If you want to work with female entrepreneurs in your city to develop their professional image, then join the groups for female entrepreneurs in your city. There are millions of groups already established on Facebook and there will be hundreds if not thousands for your specific target clients. When you join an established group always make sure you know what the rules are. Some do not allow promotional posts so make sure you find out before posting. The purpose of joining these groups is to share your expertise and give advice when applicable. So join in the conversations and start making connections with other members. Once you become an established member then reach out to the group admin and offer to do a free live training or workshop to help other members.

If you haven't already tried Facebook groups to reach potential clients then I highly recommend you give it a try. Getting clients for your business is so much easier when you spend time focusing on the people who actually want and need your specific services.

Happy Styling!

Louisa 💕

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