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Business of Style Masterclass

The Business of Style Masterclass™

If you're ready to take your Personal Styling career from side-hustle to 6-figures then our Business of Style Masterclass is for you!  Whether you're new to styling or you've already started your business but need help finding a way to make it more profitable, our self-paced, online training offers you the opportunity to learn the specific tools and strategies needed to create a 6-figure styling business.  The Business of Style Masterclass comprises of 9 video modules, with accompanying worksheets that walk you through each step you need to take to build a thriving personal styling business.  This unique training has been developed by a personal stylist with other personal stylists in mind so, you'll learn how to apply the skills and strategies directly to your styling business. This comprehensive training will teach you how to create your business plan, identify your target clients, create your niche, brand your business, create high-value signature programs, develop your marketing and social media strategies, generate PR, develop profitable connections and collaborations, and also how to develop a success mindset. 


So if you're ready to create a thriving personal styling business, then enroll now and get started!


Terms and conditions: Payments are non-refundable. Course materials are the property of The Style Academy International. The copying, distribution, sale, or use for profit of course materials and content is prohibited by law.  Please note: The Style Academy International does not guarantee any student they will make 6-figures and results may vary.

The Business of Style Masterclass was full of amazing information and details. Many things learned that I would not thought of needing to know. Finished the course feeling empowered. I love that I have all the steps I need to further my business!

Silke B - Houston, USA

I was extremely impressed with the content of this course. My expectations were blown out of the water. Louisa has shared so much valuable knowledge into the business side of styling that I know it's going to have a strong effect on my career and styling business. I would highly recommend this course.

Katie H, NSW Australia

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