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The Business of Style Podcast


Welcome to The Business of Style Podcast!

We've created this podcast to help personal stylists, image consultants, style coaches, and other image professionals navigate the business side of personal styling. 

Each episode is carefully curated to answer the most common questions and provide solutions to the business challenges that many personal stylists face when trying to build a successful personal styling business. Whether you're looking for ways to market your business, find new clients, or how to overcome your fear of being visible, we cover it all.

Scroll down to listen to the most recent episodes and get expert advice to help you take your personal styling business from side-hustle to 6-figures. And don't forget to subscribe to our website and we'll let you know when there's a new episode to check out!

Have a question you need answering or a topic that you'd like to see on a future episode? Then drop us a quick email at and your question might be featured in an upcoming episode of The Business of Style podcast.

Latest Episode

In this episode, Louisa answers more of your questions to help you build a successful personal stylist business, including; should you lower your prices to find new clients? Should you charge an hourly rate? How can you use technology in your consultations? What's the best way to name your business? And what's the best financial investment when starting your personal styling business?

Previous Episodes

In this episode, Louisa answers listener questions about how to overcome overwhelm and start a personal stylist business, how to stand out from other personal stylists, how to choose the right social media platform, and how to find new clients for your personal stylist business.

If your goal as a personal stylist is to work with high-end clients who pay you to shop at designer stores, then this episode is for you! Listen now as Louisa shares her tips for creating a luxury personal styling business and the strategies to help you attract high-end clients.

If you're spending hours on social media but not finding clients for your personal stylist business, then this episode is for you! Louisa shares 5 common mistakes personal stylists make with their social strategy and what you need to do instead to attract more clients.

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning for your personal styling business. In this episode, Louisa shares some spring cleaning tasks that will help you keep things fresh, and effective, give you a solid return on your time investment, and benefit your personal styling business for the long term.

Want to build a successful career as a personal stylist? Then you need to learn how to say no! In this episode, Louisa shares some important boundaries you need to set in your personal styling business and gives you some ways to say no without feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Want to find more clients for your personal stylist business? Then you have to show them you are the real deal and your business is legitimate! In this episode, Louisa shares 6 simple things that you can do to add credibility to your personal styling business and increase the chances of people signing up to work with you.

You don't need a fancy website to start your personal styling business, but you do need a website that contains all the right things to help you attract new clients. In this episode, Louisa shares the 6 website must-haves for personal stylists to help you create a site that works for your business and for your potential clients.

Lead magnets are a great tool to attract potential new clients to your personal styling business, but how do you create one that actually works? In this episode, Louisa shares the strategies you need to follow to create a lead magnet that works.

If you want to check out the free Evergreen Marketing training mentioned in this episode, then click here!

Want to hear more? Click below and catch up on all the past episodes of the Business of Style Podcast.

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