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Save time and create stunning style consultation forms and reports with our customizable personal stylist digital toolkit. This kit contains:

A client intake form that includes inputted questions for personal details, lifestyle, style preferences, and even shopping habits. You can also record measurements and body shape analysis, include a service contract, consent forms, and create your service plan.

A style consultation report that allows you to create a professional record of your body shape analysis, and the recommendations for your client. You can add images to help your client understand what styles to wear, and how to dress for their body type. You can even use the template to create a consultation report for your color analysis services.


An outfit planner template that will help you create stunning lookbooks for your client quickly and easily. Add images from your client's closet, from retail outlets, or both to give them a clear guide to plan their outfits, and how to mix and match items in a stylish way.


You'll receive 10 templates for each form that can be customized to match your business branding. Simply add your logo, change fonts, and colors, to create professional reports and forms. that are perfect for both in-person and virtual services and can be easily emailed or a hard copy created to mail to your clients. Use one full template or mix and match pages to create the perfect report. This kit can be used with the Canva free account.

Don't need all three forms? Don't worry! You can purchase each template kit individually.

Add value to your body shape and style consultations with our done-for-you personal style guides. Use as in presentation format during your consultations to educate your client on the best styles and strategies for their body shape then save them as a PDF and send them to your clients following their session.

This kit contains 5 guides that cover each of the horizontal body types, and within each guide, you'll find the body shape characteristics, style goals for each shape, styling strategies your client can use, and 10 pages of visuals to show them the exact styles for each outfit component. You can also personalize each guide by adding your client's photograph, name, and style goals.

While we've done all the content for you, you'll still be able to customize each guide to match your business branding giving them a professional look, using the Canva free account.

And the best news is, no additional licensing fee is needed to use these done-for-you guides, so once you buy them you can use them as many times as you like.

Offer accurate virtual color analysis consultations with our 4 and 12-season digital color drapes. Simple to use, just upload your client photo to your Canva account and drag it into each template to find the perfect color season. Templates can be customized with your business logo and added to your consultation reports. 

This kit includes 20 single drapes, 20 tri-color drapes, and 20 comparison drapes for 4-season analysis. 60 single drapes, 60 tri-color drapes, and 60 comparison drapes for 12-season analysis. 

As a bonus, you'll also receive our exclusive digital undertone analysis tools to help you find your client's undertone quickly and easily.

Click here to see how easy it is to use our digital color drapes for your virtual color analysis services.

4 and 12 season color palette templates-

Create stunning digital color palettes to add to your consultation reports or to send to your clients, with our customizable Canva template kits. Add your logo or website, change fonts, and colors to match your business branding. These templates are easy to use and provide your clients with a professional-looking color palette that they print or save on their phones to use when shopping. The template kit includes both 4 and 12-season palettes with 7 different layout options for each season. This kit can be used with the Canva free account.

self-study advanced color analysis E-boo

Take your color services to the next level with our self-study advanced color analysis E-book. This easy-to-follow E-book will allow you to offer your clients a more accurate and advanced color analysis service using the advanced 12-season system.

If you're looking to up-level your services and add more value to your clients then this is the perfect solution.

(Available for immediate download after purchase)

self-study Work from Home Styling E-book

Offer your clients the latest styling techniques by adding work from home styling to your services. This exclusive self-study E-book training will show you how to boost productivity, elevate mood, and create the perfect work from home style and Zoom image for your clients. You'll also learn the basics of Style Association Testing™ and Color Association Testing™ which will allow you to find purposeful styles and colors for your clients.

(Available for immediate download after purchase)

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