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My Top-Secret Balance & Proportion Trick

Ok! So maybe it's not completely top-secret what I'm about to share with you, but it's definitely something that most personal stylists don't even think about in their body shape analysis and it's not something they teach in most fashion schools. But it's a simple trick that can help you create balance and proportion in your client's body shape and it doesn't even require clothes or accessories so it couldn't be easier!

What is this magic trick I hear you ask! Before I spill the tea I just want to quickly explain the concept of balance and proportion in body shape analysis for those of you who are new to personal styling and those who haven't had formal training.

One of the goals of body shape analysis is to determine where there is an imbalance between the upper and lower body and create more proportion so that specific body areas don't look bigger than they are (or smaller than they are). When something is balanced it can remove the focus from a specific area, so if your client is unhappy with their larger hips, we can create balance and make them less noticeable. There are many ways to achieve balance and proportion, from specific styles of clothing to using accessories and even using color, and the techniques allow us to add volume to the smaller area to balance it with the larger area.

Ok, so now it's time to reveal my secret balance and proportion trick: HAIR!

Yes, you read that right! HAIR is a tool that can be used to create balance and proportion but it's something that is not often considered by stylists and they only focus on the neck down.

If you need to add volume to the upper body then big hair can help. Big curls, Jersey shore style teasing, and even extensions and wigs can help to visually create balance. In addition to using hair as volume, it can also be used to draw the eye upwards and away from the lower body. A unique style, a bold color, or statement hair slides or headbands will definitely achieve this goal.

So, when you're next doing a body shape consultation think about your client's hair. Is their sleek ponytail adding to an imbalance and would using their hair to add volume create a more proportionate look? Can their platinum blonde bob be used as a focal point of their look? Maybe their natural curl would add more volume than their straightened hair? Open your analysis up to more than just the torso and add hair to your box of stylists' tricks!

Happy Styling!

Louisa 💕

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