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How Personal Stylists Can Leverage the Social Media Color Analysis Craze

If you've spent more than a few minutes on social media recently I'm sure you've noticed one of the hottest trends: color analysis! That's right! Color analysis has had a resurgence thanks to platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, with influencers, creators, and scrollers alike all trying to figure out their undertone and color season. We're even seeing filters being created to help people discover their color palettes and of course, there are more than a few personal stylists and color analysts happy to lead the way. If you're a personal stylist who hasn't embraced this social media trend then it's time to seriously think about it!

Color Analysis - The Style Academy International

A Brief History of Color Analysis

Believe it or not, color analysis has been around for decades. It gained popularity in the 1980s, thanks to the groundbreaking work of image consultant Carole Jackson, who authored the book "Color Me Beautiful." Jackson introduced the concept of seasonal color analysis, which categorized individuals into one of four color "seasons" based on their natural coloring—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season corresponds to a palette of colors that complement a person's skin tone, hair, and eye color. More recent research into color analysis and Munsell's color theory has led to an expansion of Jackson's original work and the development of a 12-season color analysis system that has become widely used by personal stylists and image consultants.

(Note: there are 16 and 22-season color analysis systems that have been developed, however, these systems are relatively new and have not yet been adopted by the larger image professional community due to limited research.)

Color Analysis on Social Media

On platforms like TikTok, videos featuring color analysis transformations have gone viral, drawing millions of views and sparking widespread interest in the concept. These videos often showcase dramatic before-and-after comparisons, demonstrating the power of wearing the right colors to enhance one's appearance. The dramatic results have led to TikTok users wanting to discover their color palettes spending time researching how color analysis works and trying to use filters to get their results.

Instagram has also become a hub for color analysis content, with influencers sharing photos of themselves wearing their signature color palettes and offering tips for finding the perfect shades. Hashtags like "ColorAnalysis" and "SeasonalColorAnalysis" have gained traction, connecting users with a community of like-minded individuals eager to explore the world of color. Personal stylists are also using Instagram to demonstrate the color analysis process and share their expertise with a captivated audience.

Why Color Analysis is Trending

Why the renewed interest in seasonal color analysis? It's hard to pinpoint how it made its way into the world of social media but just as we are seeing younger generations show interest in vintage fashion and style it makes sense that they would naturally be intrigued by the systems that were the style cornerstones of a similar era. In addition, the visually-driven world of social media has created a demand for aesthetic perfection, and seasonal color analysis provides a tool to assist influencers in their personal branding goals. And for many, it's simply a fun activity that puts their analytical tools and aesthetic eye to the test whenever they're on a scroll. Whatever the reason for the resurgence of color analysis on social media it looks like it's here to stay for a while.

How Personal Stylists Can Leverage The Color Analysis Craze

So how can you as a personal stylist or image consultant capitalize on the growing popularity of color analysis? Here are several ways that you can use this trend to your advantage.

Learn Color Analysis

Not all personal stylists are trained in color analysis, so if this is you, this is your sign to get trained! You don't need to be a certified color analyst or have any type of license to offer seasonal color analysis, but you do need to have a solid understanding of color analysis. Some personal stylist training programs like the one we offer at The Style Academy International include color analysis and color psychology training. You can also find self-study color analysis books that can help you expand your skills and knowledge.

Offer Color Analysis Services

The increase in the popularity of color analysis means there is an increase in demand for personal stylists who are trained in seasonal color analysis. Once you've got the training you need to start offering color analysis services as part of your business. Use this current trend to find new clients and grow your business. In addition to in-person color analysis services, you can also offer virtual services so that you can work with more clients and help people you meet on social media even if they don't live in your town or even your country.

Create Color Analysis Content For Social Media

People are searching for color analysis on social media so give them what they want! Start creating color analysis content, whether it be helpful tips on finding their undertone, or showing them how a color analysis consultation works, it's your opportunity to show your skills and expertise and connect with potential new clients. Color analysis posts often generate lots of engagement too so they can also offer a great boost to your social media reach.

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with an influencer who's shown an interest in seasonal color analysis could be a great catalyst for your career. Reach out to content creators who are trying to figure out their color season and offer to give them a free consultation in exchange for sharing it with their followers. Offering a service for free can often lead to many paid opportunities when it's with the right creator.

Position Yourself As The Color Expert

If color is your thing then become the color expert! When you have your styling business it's up to you what services you offer and which you don't, so if color analysis is where your true passion lies then build your business around it and become known for your color analysis expertise.

Thanks to the power of social media, an opportunity presents itself to personal stylists and image consultants to embrace the color analysis niche and create considerable growth for their business, all while helping people find their true color season and look and feel amazing!

Happy Color Analyzing!

Louisa 💕

Ready to become a personal stylist and leverage the social media color analysis craze? Then we have the training and resources that can help!


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