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Fall Fashion Trends 2023

As summer comes to an end for many of us, it's time to start thinking about Fall fashion and updating our client's wardrobes and our own for the new season. To help you get started I've pulled together some of the key styles and colors that graced the fashion week runways and have landed in high street stores just in time for sweater season.

The Hottest Colors for Fall

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - Red is the hottest color of the fall season - The Style Academy International

It's finally time to say goodbye to Barbiecore pink and get ready red! Red is set to be the hottest color for the Fall season and we'll be seeing monochromatic looks along with vibrant splashes in the whole range of accessories. The key to creating the best look for your client with Fall's hottest color lies in knowing your client's undertone and finding the red that harmonizes with their skin. The good news is there are many different shades of red to be found this season from a merlot red like this sweater dress from Banana Republic to cooler and softer reds from Winter and Summer seasonal palettes.

If you or your client are not a fan of red, then don't worry! The Fall season has an array of colors, ranging from Silver Birch to High Visibility Yellow, from Hot Fudge to Persian Jewel. There's a color to suit every taste and undertone for Fall 2023. Take a look at some of the stunning Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2024 below.

Get ready for some old favorites to make a comeback with the Fall fashion trends of 2023

Classic Tailoring is Back in Style

Fall Fashion Trends for 2023 - Classic Tailoring is Back in Style - The Style Academy International

It's time to leave the baggy and loose behind and add more structure to your client's style! Much to the delight of many, classic tailoring will be a staple this season and is set to create more defined silhouettes with shoulder pads, double-breasted blazers and jackets, and darting all set to make it easier to create shape and definition. The suit waistcoat will also be making a comeback, and in true 90s style, we'll be seeing it not only with traditional suits but also with jeans and casualwear. It's set to be a key addition to every fashionista's closet.

The Peplum Finally Makes It's Comeback

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - The peplum is finally making a comeback - The Style Academy International

They say good things come to those who wait, and after waiting for what seems like an eternity, the peplum is set to make a comeback as a key fall fashion trend. The perfect solution for all those mid-section problem areas, we'll be seeing peplum tops, peplum dresses, peplum jackets, and even knitted cardigan peplums like this one from Simkhai available at Nordstrom. With so many variations on this classic style, there will be a peplum to suit all ages and tastes, and its renewed presence will definitely be felt this Fall fashion season.

A Refreshed Leather Look For Fall

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - Leather suiting will be a popular fashion trend this fall - The Style Academy International

A leather jacket is an essential item for Fall and this season will be no different! The leather blazer that has become a fashion staple for the past few seasons is set to continue to be on point for the upcoming fashion season, but it won't be alone. To create a refreshed look for the leather blazer you'll want to find it some new friends for Fall 2023. Leather sets will be a key trend this season, and we'll be seeing leather blazers paired with leather shirts, leather skirts, and leather pants. If your clients prefer more ethical fashion options, the good news is that this trend will also be available in faux leather.

Skirt Styles Are Going Full Circle

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - The circle skirt will be a hot fashion trend this Fall - The Style Academy International

It's time to put away those pencil skirts this Fall and embrace the fullness of a circular skirt! I can't really remember the last time we saw such full skirts be a fashion trend and many people avoid them for fear they will add too much volume and size, but when styled right they can be a great option to create balance with the upper body, so definitely something to consider for clients with an inverted triangle body shape. Midi length will be the go-to skirt length like this one from Anthropologie but don't be surprised to see shorter, above-the-knee options that will be less overpowering for more vertically petite clients.

Sheer is Having a Moment

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - Sheer dresses and shirts will be a hot trend this fall - The Style Academy International

Sheer is having its moment in the spotlight this Fall with dresses, skirts, and shirts being seen as essential items. While the moment may be short-lived and only prominent for the transitional part of the Fall season we'll still see lace and organza in most high-street stores that can be layered in some stylish and creative ways. We'll also see lace as a prominent style option for anyone trying the Dark Romantic aesthetic that's popular for Fall Fashion 2023. (Think Dark Academia with a Victorian-style twist)

Not a Skinny Jean in Sight

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 - Wide-leg jeans will be a hot trend this Fall - The Style Academy International

Fans of skinny jeans are in for another disappointing season if they follow fashion trends because the skinny style still remains out when it comes to jeans (and pants) trends. Following on from the summer wide-leg jeans will be transitioning into Fall fashion and will be the most popular style denim for the season. We'll also be saying goodbye to the baggy 90s style jeans in favor of a more structured wide-leg leg pair of jeans like these from Favorite Daughter available at Nordstrom.

Stay Warm In Shearling

Fall Fashion Trend 2023 - Shearling coats and jackets will be in style this Fall - The Style Academy International

As we transition through Fall and the colder weather starts (unless you're fortunate enough to have summer all year round), it's time to think about adding coats and jackets to your clients. This year the go-to trend for both warmth and style is shearling. We will see shearling options in a range of different styles, from moto jackets to full-length overcoats, and gilettes. We will also see it mixed with a range of different materials, from leather, quilting, and even denim. For those clients who prefer more ethical options, there will be plenty of man-made alternatives such as this Levi's® faux shearling moto jacket available from Nordstrom.

Overall the aesthetic for Fall 2023 appears more structured than we've seen in previous seasons and mixed in with all the Fall fashion trends those tried and tested classic styles such as basic white shirts and camel blazers will continue to be a staple for the upcoming season. Whatever your client's style preferences and whatever Fall fashion trends they decide to try, the most important thing is that it reflects who they are and makes them feel amazing!

Happy Styling, and Happy Fall!

Louisa 💕

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