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Creating the Perfect Personal Shopping Experience

Now that lockdowns and restrictions have ended for most of the world, we can finally step out of our virtual bubble and get back to in-person services. If you're anything like me, you'll be glad to reconnect with people and do all the things we used to do. If you've been offering virtual shopping services for your clients then it's time to start thinking about going back out into the real world and that means heading to the mall. If it's been a while since you've shopped in person with a client or maybe you're a new stylist who's yet to offer personal shopping services then I've got some expert advice to make the experience a success.

Get to know your client - If you're offering personal shopping as a stand-alone service and not an add-on to your style consultation or part of a package, then it's important to have a general idea about your client's body shape, size, and preferences before you go. Be sure to get their measurements and have them send a full-length photograph so you can understand their shape and proportions. It's also important to find out their style preferences so that you know where to shop.

Get the budget before you go - It's really important to find out exactly how much your client is willing to spend when shopping. The budget will dictate not only what can be bought but it will also help you identify where you can shop. There's no point in spending time at designer stores if the budget won't allow you to buy anything.

Create a shopping list - Knowing exactly what your client is looking for is going to help you identify where to take them and save you a lot of time. Once you have a shopping list you can actually do your research before the trip and check online to see what options are at what stores.

Choose the right location - Shopping malls are usually the best option for personal shopping trips. They offer a great variety of stores so you will be able to find everything you need. Malls are also great as they are covered, have air conditioning in the summer, and heat in the winter, so your shopping trip won't be dampened by the weather. And let's not forget the convenience of bathrooms, coffee shops, and restaurants for when you both need a break. Be sure to check if there are mask requirements at the location you choose so you can inform your client. You might want to keep extra disposable masks in your bag just in case.

Keep your client on track - There is a tendency for clients to get distracted when shopping and start 'browsing'. It's your role as the personal shopper to keep him or her on track and focused on the shopping list. There's no need to become a drill sergeant, but you will need to gently rein your client in if they start to wander.

Schedule regular breaks - Personal shopping can be exhausting for both you and your client so be sure to schedule coffee or lunch breaks throughout the day. You can actually build the meal cost to your price, just be sure to let the client know if it is included or not.

Use it as a learning experience - don't forget that your goal as a Stylist is to educate your client on what works best for their body type, so make sure that you continue your teaching with them when shopping.

And finally! Wear comfortable shoes, or you will definitely regret it 😉

Happy Shopping!

Louisa. 💕

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