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How To Develop Your Styling Business While Working Your 9-5

Starting your styling business is an exciting time, but it also comes with the stress of figuring out how to pay your bills while following your dreams. Unless you have enough money or a partner to support you, chances are you'll need to continue to work your 9-5 until you build up your styling business and can focus on it full-time. Working full-time and developing a business can seem like an overwhelming thing to do, but it can be done (I know because I did it), and by following the tips below you'll be able to pay your bills and develop your dream business without having a nervous breakdown.

Schedule your time - Just as you have a schedule for your 9-5 job, it's important to create one for the time you plan to work on your styling business. Think about what time you will be able to work on your business in the evenings and weekends and create your weekly schedule. As much as you can, stick to this schedule and show up for your business just like you do for your other job. As with your 9-5, schedule your breaks so you have time to eat and refresh. You'll never do your best work if you don't hit refresh when needed.

Keep an active do list - Be sure to list everything you want to do for your business and add to the list every time you get a new idea or think of something to do. This should be an active list that you keep adding to and removing from. If you don't get time to do something one day, keep it on your list and get to it another day.

Map out your tasks - Once you've created your working schedule, create a map of what you plan to work on during these times. Be specific as to what you want to achieve during your time, but also be realistic as to what you have time to achieve. Prioritize things and if things don't get done simply keep them on your to-do list and map them out for another day.

Automate your social media and blog - Living in this amazing age of technology means that we have access to tools that can help us with our business. One of the great things to save time is to use automated social media and blog posts. Develop your social media and blog posts and then schedule them weeks in advance. You can use a platform such as Hootesuite for this. It's free and you can cross-post on multiple social media platforms to save you valuable time.

Use everyday life as a networking opportunity - When you work full time it can be hard to make it to networking events but everyday life can offer networking opportunities. Think of where you go and who you meet as an opportunity to promote your business. If you're at the hairdresser, gym, grocery shopping, or dropping the kids off at school, you could post flyers or hand out business cards. Even talking to your colleagues at work about your business is an opportunity to reach potential clients. So take your business cards and flyers wherever you go and if the opportunity arises then take it.

Cut yourself some slack - Juggling a 9-5 job and starting your styling business is no easy feat, then add on top of it family needs, and other parts of life and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but don't! Cut yourself some slack and don't add to your pressure! If you don't get to something when you had planned, don't worry, you can always do it tomorrow! Don't get mad at yourself or burn yourself out trying to get everything done yesterday!

Make time for yourself - This is one of the most important things to remember. Always make time for yourself. Switch off from your 9-5 and from your styling business and do something you enjoy that's just for you! In order to create an amazing business you need to be happy and healthy, so take a break and refresh!

Happy Styling!


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