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Why Personal Stylists Should Offer Online Services

For me, offering virtual personal styling services is not a new concept, in fact, it's something that I've been doing for over a decade now, and it helped me grow my personal styling business significantly. But for many personal stylists, it's a relatively new idea and something they were forced to consider at the height of the Covid pandemic in order to keep their business afloat. Some personal stylists embraced the virtual world of personal styling, others said absolutely no way, and some even used it as a temporary measure until they could go back to providing in-person services to their clients.

But the fact of the matter is that virtual personal styling services are here to stay and if you're not already offering your services online or you stopped after Covid restrictions were lifted then you're missing out on an amazing opportunity that could be the secret to your personal styling success. Not convinced? Then keep reading and I'll explain why personal stylists should offer their services online.


Online Personal Styling Services Are In Demand

According to a recent report by, the global virtual styling market was worth 3.5 billion dollars in 2021 and is on target to grow to a staggering 11.8 billion dollars by 2026. That's an annual compound growth rate of 27.1% during the forecast period. People want virtual styling services! They want the convenience of being able to work with a trained personal stylist without having to leave their home or go shopping in busy malls and shopping centers. Demand for online personal styling services equals more opportunities for you to find clients for your personal styling business.

You Can Become A Personal Stylist No Matter Where You Live

If living in a small town is holding you back from becoming a personal stylist because you don't see a need for personal styling services, then virtual styling is the perfect opportunity for you! By offering personal styling services online you can remove any geographical limitations that are preventing you from following your dream and becoming a personal stylist. Virtual styling offers you the opportunity to work with clients in different towns, different cities, different states, and even different countries. It literally opens up a world of opportunities for your personal styling business.

Personal Styling Services Become Accessible to Everyone

Just as geography may be holding you back from becoming a personal stylist, it can also be holding people back from working with a personal stylist. If someone wants to work with a personal stylist but there aren't any near where they live, then working with someone that offers personal styling services online is the perfect solution. Increased accessibility equals increased opportunities to find new clients!

Online Personal Styling offers Flexibility And Convenience

People pay for convenience and that's definitely something that online personal styling can offer your clients. They get to access an expert personal stylist from the comfort of their own home at a time that works for them. They don't have to fight their way through traffic and spend hours at the mall trying to find an outfit. They can meet you online during their lunch break to talk about their style needs or after the kids have gone to bed. But not only does it benefit your client, it benefits you too! No need to travel to client's homes. No need to fight your way around the mall. You can shop for your clients online while wearing your PJs long after the stores have closed if that's what works best for you.

Online Personal Styling is an Effective Way To Scale Your Business

If your personal styling business is not just a side hustle and you're really focused on turning it into a 6-figure success, then offering virtual styling is an effective way to achieve this! How do I know this? It was one of the things I did that helped me to scale my personal styling business and I see it having the same effect for many of my coaching clients too! It's a simple strategy that can have a major impact!

So, if you've been on the fence about whether you should start offering virtual personal styling services then now is the time to get off the fence and get online! It's the perfect way to overcome geographical limitations, find more clients, and build a successful personal styling business!

Happy (virtual) Styling!

Louisa 💕

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