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Key Fashion Trends for Spring 2024

Sheer Skirts are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024
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It may be the height of Winter for many of us, and the longer, brighter days of Spring seem a lifetime away, but it's time to forget about the boots, sweaters, and puffa jackets and start thinking about Spring fashion. While it might seem strange to be looking at skirts and short sleeves while there's still snow on the ground it's a must for personal stylists and image consultants to make sure their clients' wardrobes are ready for the switch when the daffodils finally start to bloom. To help you start the Spring wardrobe planning process here are some of the key fashion trends we'll be seeing for Spring 2024.

A Fresh Approach to Floral Fashion

Rose prints are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

Nothing says Spring like florals, and this year we're saying goodbye to the usual blooms of daisies and daffodils and saying hello to roses. Roses are taking center stage this Spring and we'll be seeing rose prints both large and small along with rose-inspired shapes and details in high street stores. When choosing a rose print for your styling clients less is going to be more, so avoid small print head-to-toe floral and opt for strategic print placement or subtle rose details to create the most stylish looks for your clients.

High-Waist Pants Are Going Higher

Super high-waist pants are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

High-waist pants and jeans have been a popular style for several seasons now they're not going anywhere (except up). Super high-waist pants and jeans will be a key trend for Spring 2024 and they're the perfect option for creating a sinched-in waist and killer curves. If your clients have a round body shape then this is not a style that will be flattering or easy to style, but for all other body shapes it's a must-try for the Spring season.

Polo Shirts and Sweaters are Back

Polo shirts and sweater are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

If preppy is your clients' favorite fashion aesthetic then they'll be pleased to hear that polo shirts and sweaters are making a comeback! Polos are set to be a staple of most closets for the Spring season and we'll be seeing a more creative way to style them than simply with chinos or jeans. Your creativity as a personal stylist can elevate this simplistic staple by pairing it with sheer skirts or metallic pants.

It's Time For The Little White Dress

The white dress is a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

The little black dress is getting a well-deserved break this season and the little white dress is set to replace it as one of the key fashion trends for Spring 2024. The good news for personal stylists is that the little white dress will come in many different styles and lengths so you can be guaranteed to find the perfect style and silhouette for your client's body shape and preference.

Sheer Skirts For All Occasions

Sheer skirts are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

Sheer skirts are another key fashion trend for Spring 2024 and while you may think that something sheer is limited to evening wear they're about to evolve into an option for for daytime and even for the office. We'll see sheer skirts in organza and chiffon, but we'll also see lace and printed versions in high-street stores. Sheer overlays make this skirt style a more wearable option and we'll also see people pair a sheer skirt with an oversized sweater or blazer to adapt the style for daytime.

Spring is The Season to Shine

Metallics are a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

As we pack away the sparkles from the Holiday season it's time to shine in Metallic. Metallics aren't everyone's cup of tea but if your clients love to shine then they'll love this key trend for Spring 2024. Metallic pants, suits, dresses, and shirts. There are many different styles and many different fabrics that will make metallics more mainstream for spring so it's definitely a good time to give this fashion trend a try!

90s Minimalism Makes Its Back

90s minimalism is a key fashion trend for Spring 2024

Minimalism never truly goes out of style but it does take on different forms in fashion and for Spring 2024 we'll be seeing the return of the 90s silhouette. The good news is that many of the core pieces of your clients' capsule wardrobes are perfect for a 90s minimalist look; tailored blazers, white shirts, black trousers, trench coats, and simple dresses and skirts. If your client was into the clean-girl aesthetic in 2023 then it should be an easy transition for Spring 2024.

With Spring just around the corner (according to a groundhog named Phil), it's time to put on your personal stylist hat and start working on those Spring lookbooks. Encourage your clients to embrace the diverse array of fashion trends for the upcoming season and create a wardrobe for them that is not only functional but also fun, and lets their stylish personality shine through!

Happy Styling!

Louisa 💕

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