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Add value to your color analysis consultations with our done-for-you color season guides.


Use in a presentation format during your consultations to educate your client on the best styles and strategies for their body shape then save them as a PDF and send them to your clients following their session.

This kit contains guides for 4-season color analysis and within each guide, you'll find a color season identifier page, color characteristics, 4 color comparison pages, a clothing color palette, an eye makeup color palette, and lipstick and blush color palette. Simply upload your client's photograph to create their own personalized guide.

While we've done all the content for you, you'll still be able to customize each guide to match your business branding giving them a professional look.


Purchase once and use them as many times as you like with no extra licensing payments required.

Done-For-You 4-Season Color Guides

  • To use this product/template, a free or pro-version of Canva is required.

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