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The Benefits of Working With a Personal Stylist

The value of what a personal stylist does and the services they offer go far beyond making their clients look amazing! Not to sound overly dramatic, but there are personal stylists out there literally changing the lives of their clients, helping them become successful, make money, find love, and live happy lives. And in return, they are achieving success and making money themselves.

Whether you're an aspiring personal stylist, you're training to become a personal stylist or you've already started your personal styling business it's important to understand the true value of what you do if you want to be successful! You need to know the impact that your services will have not only on how your clients look and feel but also the impact this will have on their lives. By understanding and communicating this value you'll attract more clients, so let's take a look at the benefits of working with a personal stylist so you can build a successful personal styling business and have a lasting impact on your client's lives.

The benefits of working with a personal stylist - New blog post for aspiring personal stylists from The Style Academy International


Time is probably one of the most valuable commodities in life! If you spend your money you'll always have the opportunity to earn more but once time has passed you can't get it back. Working with a personal stylist can save people time in their day and give them more time to spend on the important things in their lives.

In 2016, British retailer Marks and Spencer conducted a survey and found that on average, women spend 17 minutes each day deciding what to wear. That's almost 2 hours a week and over 4 days a year that your client could use doing something that they value more, like spending time with their family. The true value to your client is not simply the time that they will save each day, it's what they will do with the extra time, so think about your specific clients and how what this extra time will mean.

Maybe they want more time to spend with their family. Or, do they want more time to work out before they head to the office each day? Maybe they really want a promotion so they can earn more money but they've been getting into trouble for being late each day and after working with you they'll be on time and the promotion and extra money will become a possibility for them. These are some of the life-changing benefits of working with a personal stylist.


Money is a big motivator for many people, and can often be a key reason for working with a personal stylist. A recent study by ING Direct and Capital One Bank found that on average women in the US spend between $1,800 and $4,800 each year on clothes and accessories. Given that studies show that we only wear approximately 20% of the clothes we own most of the time, that's a lot of money wasted each year.

Even after paying to work with a personal stylist, there's still a significant amount of money that they could save each year. What could they do with that extra money? Maybe they could put it towards a deposit on their dream home. Or, do they love to travel and the money you save them could be used for their next travel adventure? Once again, the benefit of working with a personal stylist is not simply the amount of money they will save, it's what the savings will be used for that is most valuable to them.

Mental Well-Being

Taking control of your closet can help you take control of your life! It might sound like a bold statement but it's true! When we have chaos and clutter in our surroundings it can negatively impact our mental well-being according to Psychology Today and impact many areas of our lives, from our relationships, to our work, and even our physical health. As a personal stylist, you can help your clients take control of their lives by helping them take control of their closets.

A person's mental (and physical) well-being is a priceless commodity and the value of this can be far-reaching. Helping your client to feel more in control, balanced and happy, can lead to better relationships, increased motivation, and increased energy levels...which in turn can help them achieve the goals they have in life. Having an organized closet or a capsule wardrobe system can have such an important impact on your clients' lives!


Look good, feel good! Yes, it's true! Studies show that what we wear has an impact on how we feel and can boost our self-esteem, and even make us feel happier. As a personal stylist, you have the tools to help your clients feel good about how they look which in turn can help them feel good. But the benefit of working with a personal stylist doesn't just end with feeling good! By helping your clients gain confidence the value actually lies in what that new-found confidence can help them to do and achieve.

Maybe your client is recently divorced and wants to find a new partner but lacks the confidence to start dating again. Working with you to find their style may be the confidence boost they need to get back on the dating scene and find a new partner. That's the value!

Or, perhaps your client is trying to start their own business but doesn't have the confidence to network and find investors or clients. When you work your personal stylist magic to help them look good, they'll start to gain the confidence they need to put themselves out there and find new clients and get on the path to success.

The benefits of working with a personal stylist are not about finding cute outfits or learning what colors to wear, and it goes far beyond just helping someone look good. The true benefits lie in how it can change someone's life! So when you're writing copy for your website, creating social media posts, or speaking with potential clients, speak to the true benefits of working with a personal stylist, and don't downplay the true value of what you do!

Louisa 💕

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