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How Personal Styling Can Boost your Fashion Boutique.

If you're the owner of a small fashion boutique then I'm sure you're always looking for ways to boost business and make it profitable in a very competitive market. While your focus may be on your products and your prices, there is actually another way to boost your business and put you ahead of your competitors.

If you pay attention to the larger fashion retailer stores you will have noticed a new trend of offering personal stylists as part of the shopping experience. While in the past this has been a service offered by high-end department stores to wealthy clients, more mainstream retailers have recognized the benefit of this service and how it can actually increase profits. This service does not just benefit larger retailers though, it's actually something that can help boost sales for small boutiques and offer the opportunity to create a unique customer experience with additional services.

So how does this work for a small fashion boutique? The first step is to train key sales staff or management in personal styling. This can be done in a timely and cost-efficient way through an online certificate program as we offer here at The Style Academy International. Depending on where you are located, this training cost may also be a tax-deductible training expense so will not actually cost your business anything! By having formal training, your staff will know how to dress body types, how to work with colors, and how to style complete outfits, and can work with your customers by making recommendations and encouraging more purchases to get complete looks. If customers know they are being assisted by a trained style professional they are more likely to make purchases based on their recommendations.

Another way that having trained personal stylists on staff can help boost your business is by offering personal styling services in-store. This will add a whole new dimension to your business that can be extremely profitable. You can offer a menu of charged services including body shape analysis, personal shopping, and special event styling. You could even offer styling workshops on your premises after hours which creates extra income and also provides the opportunity for further sales as you will be using your merchandise to demonstrate the styling process.

If you really want to provide a comprehensive styling service as part of your business, you could even offer closet detox services for your customers. Your trained stylist would visit the customer at home, detox their closet, then create their shopping list and lookbooks. When creating the shopping list or lookbook you'll obviously be using items that you have in your store so you'll be directing the customer back to your business to make their purchases.

Offering personal styling services through certified stylists is an easy way to boost your business, and the great thing about it is that, other than the cost of training, it requires no additional financial outlay!

So, if you're ready to take your fashion boutique to the next level and boost your business, then why not get started now by enrolling in our Personal Stylist Certificate Program?

Louisa 💕


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