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Why Every Stylist Needs A Blog

Fashion Blogger

Okay, so I know you all want to be stylists and not writers and authors, but if you really want to take your styling career and business to new heights then you're going to have to start a blog and get writing.

You'd have to have been living on another planet not to have noticed the recent explosion of blogs over the past few years. Whatever the topic, there's definitely a blog out there that covers it, and people are turning away from traditional media and turning to blogs to find out things and get advice. As a stylist, blogging is a great tool that can help you promote your business and services and can attract attention from potential clients, and help you find work. Your blog is an opportunity for you to show yourself as an expert in your field and showcase your knowledge and skills.

So writing isn't your strong point? Don't worry! You don't have to have great writing skills and perfect grammar to write a blog. The most popular blogs out there are those that are written in the voice of the blogger, so it's okay to write in your own voice. There are also fantastic tools out there such as Grammarly, that can help you get the grammar right. The most important thing is to write about what your audience wants to know. If you have skills and a specific niche then there's an audience out there! If you specialize in styling for petite women, then write about it, if your niche is wedding styling then write about it. Let people know where your expertise lies.

When it comes to style and fashion blogs, using photographs is a big component, so even if you can't think of a lot to write about, you can showcase your skills using photos. You'll be taking photos of your work for your portfolio anyway so why not use them in a blog to promote your services further?

Whatever you do, don't get too stressed about your blog! Have fun with it and be creative! You may find that you actually enjoy it more than you thought, and when it starts to attract new clients you'll definitely learn to love it!

Happy Styling (and blogging),


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