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Time To Forget The Style Rules.

As Stylists, the basis of our craft is to create balance and proportion for our client's body type. We study body shape analysis and use this as our main tool for creating the best looks for our clients. But also as Stylists, we have to know when to forget the style rules in order to create the best looks. So when is it ok to throw the style rules out of the window?

1. When something is simply not working - You've followed the rules and are creating balance and proportion for your client's body shape, but still, something just isn't working. When this happens, the answer is to forget the style rules and use your creativity. Body shape analysis is not an exact science and doesn't always create the look you have envisioned, so don't feel tied to it every time you style. As long as you are not adding bulk where it doesn't belong and are not drawing attention to all the wrong parts, then follow your creativity to create an amazing look.

2. When your client just doesn't like it - Your goal as a Stylist is to create looks that your client loves. Your client is number one at all times and even if you think the look works, if your client doesn't like it or doesn't feel right, then you need to forget the style rules. One of the main components of being stylish is feeling confident, and if the look doesn't do this for your client, then it's time to take a different approach.

Spend time educating your client on the best shapes for their body and how to create balance and proportion, but ultimately if they are not happy and don't feel comfortable then it's time to experiment with looks that make them feel and look great. That being said, the rules are there for a reason, and that reason is that, for the most part, they do work so don't go to the extreme and style them for a completely different body shape. Find a balance between what they really like and what they really need to like.


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