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Three Tips for Developing an Engaging Brand for Your Personal Styling Business

Branding is a significant factor in the success of every fashion industry business. Whether it's through a memorable company name, an original sense of style, or alluring brand colors and tones, every personal stylist and image professional who wants to start a flourishing business must excel at creating a lasting impression on their clients.

One question we often get from new personal stylists is, "Do I really need to spend all this time branding?" And the simple answer is yes. Yes, you do.

And that's because when most customers walk in with an image professional for the first time, they usually have one question at the back of their minds, "Why should I choose this personal stylist?"

The one strategy that can help you differentiate your personal styling business from the competition and consistently attract clients isn’t the quality of your work—which any skilled person can do —but your distinctive brand identity and personality.

So, if you’re getting set to start your personal styling business but are unsure how to build an engaging brand identity around it, stick with us as we look at three crucial actions you need to take.

The Style Academy International Blog Post - Branding tips for personal stylists

These Branding Tips Can Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Personal Styling Business

1. Put the Satisfaction of the Customer Above Anything Else

You'd be surprised at how frequently entrepreneurs in the fashion sector start their businesses without even considering their potential clients or the substantial impact their styles and products could have on their lifestyles.

Additionally, if you don’t put your customers' needs first, you’d end up delivering inferior services that fall short of fulfilling the demands of your target clients. Doing this will incites a loss of consumer interest in your brand, and that could give you a bad reputation and lead to your business’s failure.

As a consequence, you must be conscious of your client's needs if you want your styling business to be successful. Pay close attention to their fashion preferences, financial circumstances, preferred style trends, and whether they would choose budget-friendly fashion items or high-end pricey ones.

By gathering this knowledge, you'll be able to start a successful personal styling business, develop a tone and brand personality that resonates with your target market, think of a memorable brand name, or start a naming contest that’d help you locate and purchase an attractive business name that’s in line with the core needs of your customers and your business.

2. Create a Strong and Friendly Brand Identity

Your main priority as your personal styling business grows should be developing a fun and engaging brand identity. Make sure you dedicate enough time, effort, and resources to picking the best fashion products and enhancing your skills and services.

The perceptions that customers form of your business when patronizing your styling business or engaging with your company, the way you market your services online and offline, the causes you support, how you interact with customers online, and how you communicate with them physically, all have an effect on the image of your business.

Therefore, if you want your brand to have a deeper impression on people, be sure to go beyond your brand’s personality. And the best strategy to employ would be to transform your brand into an alluring promise to your customers, much like Gucci does when it guarantees superb workmanship together with striking and creative designs.

3. Select a Reputable Brand Name

If you want your personal styling business to make a strong first impression on customers, increase its online presence, and attract a sizable clientele, you must endeavor to get a memorable and attractive brand name like Stitch Fix and StylistPick.

Your brand's offline and online reputation will be shaped by your business name, which can significantly improve your chances of success. And the two leading paths that work the best for entrepreneurs wanting to craft memorable styling business names for their firm are brainstorming or using a reliable business name generator.

True, a successful personal styling business requires a lot of work and time to build. Even seasoned business owners occasionally find it difficult to create a distinctive brand identity for their styling business, but we are confident that by using the above strategies, you will be able to achieve it much more quickly and smoothly than you imagine.


Grant Polacheck shares his branding expertise with The Style Academy International - an online fashion school for personal stylists

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world's leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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