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  • Louisa Gabriel

The Best Way to Find Clients For Your Styling Business

For personal stylists just starting their careers one of their major concerns is how to actually find new clients. It's a legitimate concern, and unfortunately, it can often hold many stylists back from starting their personal styling business. But I want you to follow your dream and become a personal stylist, and I don't want this to be the reason that holds you back! Believe it or not, finding your first personal styling clients may not be as hard as you think! But you've got to know who you're looking for and where to look. So, I've made this video to show you a few of the best ways to find new clients for your personal styling business so you know where to look. Check it out now and don't let your worries hold you back from starting a personal stylist business.

Happy Styling,

Louisa 💕

PS. Even if you're a seasoned stylist, this video can help you attract more clients to your business, so be sure to check it out!

P.P.S. If you want to become a personal stylist or grow your personal styling business then we have the training and resources that can help get you started quickly and easily. Click here to check out online training programs for personal stylists and get started today!

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