The Best Social Media Platform for Stylists is...

Everyone seems to be on Social Media these days and it's fast become one of the best marketing tools for businesses large and small, and Stylists like you. But with so many different platforms out there to choose from it can seem a daunting task to figure out which site is best for your business needs. Will the succinct statements of Twitter be enough to capture potential clients attention? Or will the stunning imagery of Instagram do the trick? You may be tempted to try them all or simply just pick a few, but there's one platform that gets overlooked by many but is actually the jewel on the social media crown for Stylists like you and that's LinkedIn. Really? LinkedIn? Isn't that a resume site for professionals? While LinkedIn may have take a different approach to many social sites, it's actually perfect for Stylists and I'm going to tell you why.

It's true that LinkedIn started it's social media life as a professional profile site, where people posted their resumes and made connections that might provide employment opportunities, but things have changed. Nowadays, LinkedIn has become more social and is the ultimate networking forum for anyone who has the sense to join. It's even gone so far as to embraced the Hashtag tactic to expand it's members reach. But the Key for Stylists is it's networking ability. Word-of-mouth is one of the best tools in a Stylists marketing arsenal, and LinkedIn is all about word-of-mouth. You can reach people in your area without even having to leave your house which means you can be reaching potential new clients even while you sleep. Share your tips and style insights, share your lookbooks, share your before and afters, and people will take notice of who you are and what you have to offer.

Another reason you need to get yourself on LinkedIn is that it is full of people that are looking for work or looking to change careers. This is a great niche for Stylists who can help people with their professional style and get them ready to land their dream job. In addition to the job hunters, you'll also find established business professionals who are more likely to have the money to afford a personal stylist than someone who's following your outfit ideas on Instagram.

If you haven't tried LinkedIn yet then it's time to give it a chance. I personally have a long list of repeat clients that I connected with on LinkedIn so I know just how effective it can be!

Happy Styling!


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