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  • Louisa Gabriel

How to Virtually Generate PR for your Styling Business

PR is an important tool when it comes to establishing your reputation and promoting your Personal Styling business to potential new clients. With the current constraints we are all experiencing it may be that you've put your PR activities on the back burner in order to maintain lockdown requirements, and to keep yourself and everyone else safe and healthy. But now is actually a perfect time to start generating positive PR and the good news is that there are several things you can do all from your computer and the safety of your own home, without paying for a PR specialist.

1. Show your expertize - Positioning yourself as an expert in styling, or your specific styling niche, is a great way to attract new clients. One way to do this is to start writing articles for fashion publications or those in your niche area. Right now magazines and online media outlets are searching for more content to keep their audience engaged and entertained during social isolation, so it's the perfect time to connect with them. Anyone can submit articles, or ideas for articles to be published and it costs nothing, other than your time. Identify the publications that you want to approach and email your articles to the editor (contact details can be found on their website or in print magazines).

2. Think local - Most local communities have a local newspaper that appears both in print and online. Your local media can actually provide you with some great coverage for your business so don't be afraid to reach out. Consider approaching them to write a style column or submit articles with freestyle advice and tips. Establishing this relationship now, at a time when they are looking for more content, can help you establish a relationship that will benefit you and your business for years to come.

3. Run a competition - Running a social media competition is free and easy. Set-up a simple 'like and share' concept and offer a free virtual styling session or an in-person session for when social restrictions ease. You could also think about having people nominate their friends or family that are currently working the frontlines during the pandemic to offer a freestyle makeover.

4. Support your local community - We all have a heightened sense of community right now, and people are coming together to support each other in many different ways. For small businesses, it is an extremely challenging time and many are relying on community support to keep their heads above water. Connect virtually with as many of the other small businesses in your local community and be part of a support network that shares social media posts to promote each other. This support and sense of community is a great way to not only help but to also build a positive reputation for your business.

5. Be charitable - Normally doing charity work is a great way to generate PR, but this is a strategy that you need to be careful with right now! The last thing you want to do is to be seen as using the current situation for your own gain. But if you are already doing things to help then be sure to share them. Share them to encourage others to join you in volunteering or helping the community, not to get attention. Any positive coverage generated for your business MUST be secondary to the positive impact you are making.

PR is such an important part of your business strategy, so if you haven't already created a plan it's time to get started!

Happy Styling!

Louisa 💕

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