How To Stay Connected To Your Personal Styling Clients

We are living in uncertain times right now, and given the current social contact restrictions, many Personal Stylists are worried about keeping their business afloat. Being unable to offer in-person consultations means a loss of income and potentially a loss of current and future clients for many Stylists so it's understandable that we are worried. But rather than sit back and accept the negative implications, I'm here to tell you that there are things that you can do to minimize the impact on your business and to keep you connected to your current clients, while also building new connections for the future. Here are some of the ways I'm continuing to connect with my clients and I recommend that you try them too.

Virtual Styling - I already offer virtual styling services to clients in addition to in-person services. This has helped me expand the reach of my business, but right now it's providing me with the perfect way to continue to provide consultations. If you don't already offer virtual styling then now is the time to add the option to your services. By using video chat services you can offer your clients some, if not all, of your current services. You can also add an online personal shopping service to replace those trips to the mall. Spend time now building up this part of your business and you'll still be able to offer it even when in-person consultations are back up and running.

Reach out to clients - If you haven't done this already, then I recommend you reach out to your clients. Just a quick email or phone call to check that they are doing okay will help maintain a positive relationship and show that you care. Your clients are more likely to stay your clients when you take the time to show that you care.

Start your newsletter - Now this may be something that has been on your to-do list for a while, so why not get it started now. Create a free monthly or seasonal newsletter full of style tips and advice, and even include special discount offers. Email to you clients and anyone on your subscriber list. If you don't want to do a newsletter then you could start sending regular emails with video styling tips and blogs.

Start an online group - Invite your clients to join an exclusive Facebook group where you can share style tips or even run style challenges. Challenges are a great way to keep clients engaged and show them your skills. Make it about fun and learning, not about selling, and I guarantee they'll want to book a consultation once restrictions are lifted.

Offer online workshops - Use an online video meeting platform such as Zoom and offer style workshops to your clients online. Workshops are a great way to reach multiple people at once, and if you charge for the workshops you'll increase your income. I recommend making some workshops exclusive to your clients, but offer them a discounted price if they get a couple of their friends to join too. This is a great way to attract more potential 1:1 clients. You can also offer workshops to your followers on social media as a way to make a little extra money right now.

These are just a few of the things that I'm doing right now to stay connected with my clients. There are many other things that you could try, so it's time to put your thinking cap on and get creative. We are lucky enough to live in a time when we have some many resources and tools at our disposal that can help us stay connected with our clients, so lets make the most of them 😊.

Stay safe and healthy!

Louisa 💕

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