From Runway to Real Life - The Stylist's Guide to Fashion Week.

New York fashion week is underway, and like many Stylists I'm glued to the runway looking for the perfect styles to take back to my clients. Every fashion week I can't help but think about my very first Fashion Week runway show. I remember clearly being dazzled by the creations before me, but I also remember being completely confused as to how any of my clients would ever want to wear anything I saw. You see, Fashion Week is not always a literal representation of what people will be wearing in the upcoming season and it took me quite a few runway shows before I learnt how to decode fashion week and give my clients something they could wear. So how does a Stylist decode the runway looks and give their clients wearable outfits?

Colors and prints - When watching runway shows you'll want to pay attention to the colors the designers are showing you. These colors will be heading to to the high street in the upcoming season and you can easily use these trend colors when building your client's looks. It's also important to look at the type of prints you are seeing. The prints will show you whether the upcoming season is still all about floral, or whether stripes will be the way to go.

Shape and silhouette - While the outfits on the runway may not translate into wearable looks, the shapes and silhouettes you will see will form the basis of upcoming collections and high street trends. Pay attention to the shapes you see. Are the skirts a-line or pencil? Are the pants skinny or flares? Are you seeing shoulder pads or slouchy looks? You can take the shapes away and build looks around the key shapes.

Fabric and texture - Pay attention to the fabrics you see at Fashion Week shows. The fabrics and textures you will see will be part of the high street interpretations that you'll be shopping for. Do you see crisp cotton or flowing silks? Lace or velvet? Fabric and texture play an important role in seasonal trends, so by paying attention to what you see on the runway you'll be able to plan ahead with your clients.

Accessories - Don't forget to look closely at the small details. Look at hats, shoes, bags, and jewellery. No outfit is complete without accessories, and what you'll see on the runway will be key trends for your clients.

It's important to remember that Fashion Week is not simply about fashion, it's also about theatrics, and the looks you will see are not what will make it to the high street. Breakdown the components of what you see and you'll have a clearer understanding of the upcoming fashion season and how to prepare for your clients.

Happy Styling!


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