How To Perfect Transitional Styling

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Many of us love the Fall but what we don't like is the constant weather fluctuations that leave us confused as to what we should wear. Style-wise it's definitely a challenging time of year, with cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and breezy evenings. Just as Fall is the transition season into Winter, it's also a time for transitional styling. Transitional styling, when done right, allows us to extend the life of our summer wear, incorporate fall items, and always remain prepared for the changing weather. Read on to find out how to perfect transitional style.

Don't pack away the summer dresses - With cool mornings but warm afternoons, summer dresses can be paired with tights to add a little warmth when needed. Also try adding a blazer and switch out the sandals for ballet flats.

Switch from mini to midi - If you're a fan f short skirts for the summer and you're not ready to wear tights, then opt for a midi length skirt for fall.

Mix and match - don't be afraid to mix and match items from the two seasons. Try adding sandals to fall trousers or with blazers and jeans.

Layer up - layering is perfect for Fall and it allows you to de-layer should the weather get warm. The key to layering for Fall is to keep it simple ( and easy to remove), and don't have wear more than 3 layers.

Mix and match colors - Just because it's fall doesn't mean that we have to stop learning bright colors and go all neutral. Team up summer brights with muted Fall tones for the perfect transitional look. One of my favorites is bright pinks with camel.

Make scarves an outfit essential - Scarves are the perfect accessory for Fall. Not only do they add an extra dimension to outfits but they can provide much needed warmth for those cool Fall breezes. And if you're feeling the heat you can simply tie it to your bag for a stylish yet practical way to carry it.

Happy Styling!


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