Is This The End Of Body Type Analysis?

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog that claimed that body type analysis is dead and that there is a new way of styling known as 'distraction' styling. You can imagine my surprise as I read this. As a stylist and a coach and trainer for upcoming stylists, I pride myself on staying on top of the industry developments and new techniques. So of course I had to read on to find out more.

The fashion blogger wrote about how body type analysis was old school styling and focuses on a strict set of rules that did not allow for any flexibility or personal style. She continued to describe how it was all about the things you hate about your body and not about what you like about it. This 'new' way of styling works to draw attention to your favorite parts of your body and take the attention away from what you don't like. I know, I know, before you all start yelling at your computer of phone, this distraction technique is not new and yes, you're correct, it's a key part of body type analysis.

When we use body type analysis, our main goal is to create proportion and balance. If, for example, you're a pear shape, we work to balance the upper part of your body with your lower, and what does this do? Yes, it distracts attention from your hips. We use jewelery and accessories to not only create proportion but also to draw attention to certain areas of the body and away from others. So as you can see, distraction styling is nothing new and is in fact simply as part of body type analysis.

So why did this fashion blogger send body type analysis to it's grave? Well it's quite simple really! She's not a trained stylist, because if she was she would have a better understanding of body type analysis. Body type analysis is alive and well and continues to be the foundation for styling. So no need to mourn, or panic, just simply beware the un-trained fashion blogger ;-)


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