The Best Wedding Dress For Your Client's Body Type

Wedding season is in full swing, and many stylists are working hard with their bride-to-be's to find that perfect gown. Wedding dress shopping can be exhausting and emotional for both the bride and the stylist, with visions of finding that perfect dress not coming to fruition. As with styling for any occasion, the best place to start is by identifying your client's body type. Once you've done this then you'll be able to steer her in the direction of the styles that will work the best and make her dress dreams a reality. To help you get prepared, read on, and find out which style will work best for your client's body type.

The Ball Gown

Ball gown wedding dress

The ball gown has a full skirt and a fitted bodice. This style works best for those with a column figure as it is great for creating curves. It can also work for apple types as long as the skirt is not too big. If your client is petite in the height department then you might want to avoid this style as it may swallow her up.

The Mermaid Dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid style is defined by a slim, tapered, curve-hugging skirt that follows the line of the hips and thighs and flares out below the knee. This style of gown is perfect for showing off curves, so it really works well on the hourglass figure. It's also great for creating balance balance between wider hips or wider shoulders.

The A-Line

A-Line Wedding Dress

The A-line gown cuts narrow at the top and flows out from the waist to form the shape of an A. This is one of the most popular gowns for brides as it is perfect for all body types. If your bride is looking for a sexier look this style is one to avoid.

The Column

Column Wedding Dress

The column dress is naturally fitting and follows to line of the body. Any flare at the bottom is minimal although you can often find layered slits that give it a bit more shape. This style works great for the Strawberry shape and for the column body type. If your client is pear-shaped then you'll want to avoid this style as it will make her bottom half look bigger.

The Drop Waist

Drop Waist Wedding Dress

As the name suggests, this style drops and flares out slightly below the waistline and at the hip area. This is a great dress for most body types. If your client has great abs then this would be the perfect style to flaunt them.

The Trumpet

Trumpet Wedding Dress

The is a straight lined gown that subtly flares out at the knee to form the shape of a trumpet. This is a great dress for curvy brides who are happy to show off those killer curves. It's similar to the mermaid but is not as restrictive, so can be a great alternative. If you're client has an apple body type then you'll want to avoid this style.

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