Struggling To Find Your Styling Niche?

Early in my styling career, a business acquaintance asked me about my styling niche. When I explained that I didn't have one and that I did many types of styling, a look of horror came across her face and she launched into a long speech about every business needing a niche to make them stand out from the competition and that I would be limiting myself if I didn't find one, and quick. I started to panic following her reaction and began driving myself mad trying to decide what my 'specialty' should be.

You see, I love styling, styling everyone, and I couldn't find one particular demographic that I only wanted to work with. I wanted to work with everyone that needed me, and I actually felt that having a niche business would be more limiting than not having one. While trying to find this specialty, I continued to gain more and more clients. My clients were all different! Different ages, different genders, and all with very different needs. Business was growing at a fast pace and yet I still didn't have my niche. And after a while I realized something that became so much more important to the success of my business than having this elusive niche. I had me!

I am what makes me stand out from my competition! My training, my experience, my work, my attitude, my ability to connect with my clients, and my personality. The reason my clients kept coming back was because of me, and that's why they sent their friends. When I had this realisation the direction of my business became much clearer, and I forgot all about the need for a specialty. Yes, I was the jack of all trades so to speak, but I have never viewed myself as the master of none, and neither do my clients.

If you have a particular area of styling that you want to focus on, then go for it! But if you're struggling with the idea, then don't drive yourself crazy! You have YOU, and that's what will make you stand out from the crowd. For every stylist who specializes in men's styling, there's another stylist who does the same, but there's only one (insert your name here) personal stylist, so spend your time focusing on how to show who you are and put the niche on the back burner. Let personality and your interests lead your business in the direction it needs to go!


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